The Kaaba


Before unified Islam-ism claimed the Kaaba as their sacred place of worship, this ancient Arabic shrine housed 360 idol statues, which represented the 360 degrees of the circle/ solar year.

In astrology the square form stands for sorrow (90 degree angles) and we remember that the Hebrew word “Alah” also means sorrow. The priest class loves to play with language, which is magical to the human brain. The black cube(compare modern times “Blackrock” Investments for example) is a crystal clear reference to planet Saturn, because the Star of Saturn (Star of Horus, later “Star of David”) is included in the cube (see above).

Muslims walk 7 times around the black cube counter-clockwise, which is called Circumambulation, and it follows the planets movement around the sun, which is also counter-clockwise (if you look from north pole). The 7 circles represent the 7-fold cycle of incarnation, which means “sorrow” for the soul, because it becomes unconscious during this process and gets a bad case of Amnesia, also for the 7 Elohim. The Ka – Ba are the Egyptian spirit & soul, the universal and individual learning vehicles of the universe creator, as Ka & Ba of Allah = Kaballah, lower and higher self, 7 active principles in nature, “time” ruled by Saturn, “doing time” means sorrow.

When the Qur’an refers to the ‘Qiblah,’, it is actually referring to the ‘Qaballah.’ Qaballah means to “Face Allah” or to undergo the initiation necessary to come “face to face with Allah.”, which, as we have learned is the RA – fire energy of Leo, where the decision to incarnate takes place in the divine zodiac wheel (“will of god”).

Saturn exalts in Libra (which stands for “law”, e.g. the law of incarnation) and Libra is ruled by Venus, which exalts during the Age of Pisces. This is how and why a Saturnian element was introduced into this Venus cult.

The Kaaba is a symbol for incarnation cycle/ life on earth in a physical body.

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