Light Code Secrets

FB_IMG_1549360126078.jpgAs Above So Below..


1) The secret of celestial and earthly bodies

Everything above in high heavens is the same as everything below here on earth

(as above so below). That is, all the celestial bodies are reproduced in miniature form in the earthly bodies. The celestial universe above comprises of trillions of stars and hundreds of trillions of planets. Similarly, human body comprises ofAs above so below trillions of cells and hundreds of trillions of atoms – the celestial sun and the nucleus of an atom are essentially the same. “Every star in the heavens, every element on earth, and every function in nature is represented by a corresponding center, pole, or activity within the human body.” (Manley P. Hall).

2) The secret of the “word”

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god.” The word is a sound frequency (the word=sound frequency), which when amplified can rearrange atoms and change the structure of matter. An experiment was once performed in which an empty glass cup was placed right in front of a loud speaker. As the loud speaker sound frequency was amplified, the empty glass cup started to vibrate violently into different shapes until it eventually shattered into pieces – such is the amplification power of the “word.” There are ancient myths involving the notion of plant growth being stimulated by music. In fact in the mid-1960’s, researchers at Canada’s University of Ottawa performed a series of experiments resulting in the discovery that sound at a specific frequency could stimulate the growth of plants. Thus, basic farm equipment of the future is recommended to have sound-generating equipment and loud-speakers (Michael Bradley “The Iceman Inheritance”)

3) The secret of “Two-Truth”

Our perception of reality in matter is formulated on universal polar or binary opposite. Everything that exists in matter does so with its polar opposite or perfect antithesis i.e. male/female, electricity/magnetism (electro-magnetism),0/1, black/white, good/evil, to do/not to do (free will), live/death, awake/asleep, open/close etc. Man is a condensation of Atum/Aten/Atom living in a “two-truth” virtual reality.

4) The secret of absolute

The secret of absolute is hidden in the secret of “two-truth.” That is, nothing is absolute. Everything in matter is relative. Your knowledge, experience or observation of a paricular reality is predicated on the existence of that reality’s polar or binary opposite. For example, when you’re extremely happy, someone else is extremely sad. And it is from the other person’s extreme sadness that you’re conscious of your own happiness. The wave-particle duality, in quantum mechanics, provides empirical support for this assumption.

5) The secret of matter

Does matter really exist? Yes, matter does exist. But it is our mind or thought that assigns dimension and form to matter. Without human mind, matter is formless.

6) The secret of mind

Human mind is the universal creator in the material world. Everything that is currently visible to our eyes was once an invisible idea in the mind of a man. And everything that is currently invisible to our eyes is already visible to the imaginative mind of a man. In other words, if you can imagine it, you can create it.

7) The secret of god, belief and faith

Man creates god in his own image and ascribes to god mankind characteristics i.e. corporeality, sex, emotion (pettiness, anger, love, jealousy etc.), wickedness, death, life, bigotry, discrimination, racism etc. The possibility of a higher power is undeniable; however, the highest power of all is nature. Nature does not display emotion, nature does not discriminate, and certainly nature does not die. The impact of nature is felt equally by all. Regardless of if you believe in nature or not, you deny nature, you deny your own existence. You deny air, water, sun, wind, storm, hurricane, earthquake etcetera; you deny your own existence. Man spiritualizes and breathes life to his creation through belief. Belief limits the mind to a circumference of awareness. And everything outside that circumference of awareness is beyond the reach of the mind. Hence beliefs limit the mind. Faith is nothing but a confident expectancy in something. Having very strong faith in something triggers the spirit of confident expectancy in the subconscious mind, which in turns sets in motion the fulfillment of desires.

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