Heru the Krst (Christ)

The word Christ is derived from KRST in ancient Kemet, which means anointed mummy. Many will say that it meant something different when referring to the Jesus figure. The term was first seen referring to Asur(Osiris) in the pyramid. Therefore, to clarify a little what I am saying, the KRST was a word used thousands of years before the Jesus concept to mean the karasing or anointing of a body dead or alive by the ancient Egyptians. Karasing or anointing the body meant to embalm, pour ointment on the body and wrap white cloth around it or make a mummy of the dead body. Mummies were not prepared to make the physical body rise again, but the preparation for the soul to resurrect in its glorified Spiritual body. 
Karast is a person who is anointed as a Heru (Hero) during their lifetime,when they are deceased they receive a great honor as a KRST or AUSAR (Osiris).
(Heru)= Hero-Horus-Heracles (Hercules) Heracles, Hercules, Hero, Christ, and Messiah are also titles directly derived from the word HERU which is of African origin. 
The Greek title Christ, is derived frm the Egypto-African word KARAST. KRISTOS or CHRISTOS is the KRST (KARAST).

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