The Original Moriscos

( Jesus / Yashua never physically existed, at least NOT as one person, but as the “Breath of Life” [Shu] itself within each and everyone of us. It is the changing power [feminine] / force [masculine] of consciousness and at the highest ascended level of consciousness is infinite). One of the top bishops’ was Arian who ended up being excommunicated from the proceedings because Arian was against worshipping idols. Constantine rapidly ordered Serapis Christus (Greco Roman painting c.a. 135 BCE.?) to become Iesous Christos (Jesus Christ). He also ordered all books to be burn in order to get rid of the evidences. Constantine, then gave Sylvester I (Afurakan) imperial power and deemed him the infallible and inerrant “Head Papa” over the Melechite religious community. The Melechite religious community were Coptic Egyptians who created and accepted the European icon / image of Serapis as a God, as opposed to the the Coptic Egyptians who did not accept Serapis as God and were thereafter known as the External Coptic Religious Community causing a split with the Internal Coptic Religious Community (representative speaker Arian). Arian, the Alexandrian Presbyter (denomination Presbyterians) refuted the Exterior Melechite Coptic religious community (which became the Roman Catholic Church), as representative speaker for the Internal Melechite Coptic Religious Community (which became the Holy Roman Empire). It was he who stated that Serapis was a “created creature” (eg. note that Arius is also an African) by stating “that the image of Serapis was “a created creature, alien and dissimilar in all things from the Father (Osiris), a perfect creature nevertheless.” Hence, the purpose of the Council of Nicean meeting of 325 AD was to insert the image of the man/bull Serapis in the Ancient Egyptian Divine Triad to make it the son of Asar (Osiris) instead of Heru (Horus) thereby giving it a man-made divine spirit. Nevertheless, Sylvester I began to set up his own council of bishops, clergymen and priests. But Sylvester I was forced to lean on Constantine rulings and was used to proclaim Constantine wishes. The ecumenical councils which lasted two months and twelve days legally convened assemblies of the ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological experts (Roman Catholic) gathered for the express purpose of discussing matters of church doctrine and discipline. It only took 5 meetings and 228 years to mold the spiritless creature of Serapis into Jesus, The Christ, even though, over twenty councils were actually convened between 325 to 1870 AD.

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