Constantine the Father of Christianity…

A. 325 AD – The Council of Nicea 

B. 356 C. E. Constantinus II ordered the Egyptian temples of Isis-Osiris closed and forbade the use of Egyptian hieroglyphics as a religious language. 
C. 380 C. E. Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity to be the official Roman state religion, and all pagan cults were thereafter forbidden. These edicts were devastating to Egyptian culture and religion, both of which had been preserved over millennia through the Egyptian language and the writing systems of Egyptian priests (“JESUS, THE EGYPTIAN” by R. A. Gabriel). 
D. 381 AD – The Council of Constantinople I, “Head Papa” was now Damasus. These tenets were brought forth and ratified: 1. reaffirmation of the “Nicean Homoousious Creed” and make it the official creed of the Byzantine Roman Government. Made certain all future meetings include the recitation: “God the Father, God the Son, the same.” Theophilus, of the Internal Melechite Coptic Religious Community caused the destruction of “Serapeum Library of Alexandria, Egypt”… in 391 AD. In 391 C.E. the Patriarch of Alexandria, Theophilus, summoned the monks to arms and turned them against the city of Memphis and the great shrine of Serapis, the Serapeum, the main temple of the Osirian-Isis (Ausar-Auset) religion. The attack was akin to ordering the destruction of the Vatican. Egyptian priests were massacred in their shrines and in the streets. The ferocity of the violence consumed priests, followers, and the Egyptian intellectual elite of Alexandria, Memphis, and other cities of Egypt who were murdered and their temples and libraries destroyed. The institutional structure of Egyptian religion, then more than four millennia old, was demolished in less than two decades. 
E. 431 AD – The Council of Ephesus, the Emperor was now Theodosius II and Clementine I was the “Head Papa”. Bishop Cyril decreed that the “Son of Man” become flesh with and divine spirit by creating the Virgin   creature Theotokos “Mother of God” and proclaiming Serapis as her birth child and Serapis becomes flesh and instantly becomes Jesus, The Christ.
F. 451 AD – The Council of Chalcedon, the “Head Papa” was now Leo I. The man / bull Serapis was proclaimed the anointed Messiah. Jesus, the Christ, became the One Perfect Father and One Perfect God (eg, Father and Son were combined). 
G. 553 AD – The Council of Constantinople I, Emperor Justinian was encouraged by his advisor, Theodore Ascidas, to take full ecclesiastical power from the then “Head Papa” Vigilius and establish himself as the head of the first christian church called Hagia Sophia (Note: The European plan to remove all the African [Afurakan] Saints began.”) (THE HISTORICAL ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY” by Professor. Walter Williams).

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