Ptah the Self Creator God

Ptah the creator God…Peter, Pater etc  
The English word Peter is derived from the ancient Ta Merrian word Ptah. Also note, Ptah Re is the Fath-Er of all the Neteru [Gods] and it is from his image or depiction that originates the Islamic Kufi, the Jewish Yarmulke and the Catholic Hat. When the brain had been identified as the physical basis, or matter of mind, the sixth soul (third eye / brow chakra) was then derived from this Ritual (chap. lxxviii.), the Osirified (Asarified) deceased says, – “Horus (Heru) has come to me out of my father Osiris (Asaru)!” “He has come to me out of the brains of his head!” That was as the nous of the Gnostics, the revealer of an intellectual soul, who in Egypt is the god (Neter) Ptah, or Putah, the Opener, whom I elsewhere identify with Buddha in India. The Hindu Buddhi is the sixth soul, and Putah is Lord of the sixth creation: he is also known as the “wisdom of the first intellect.” (See “NATURAL GENESIS” by Gerald Massey).

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