The Activation of the True Self, you are the Savior the Neo(One) ascend within your Uni-verse.

The body is the Temple that is created with NO HANDS that houses your TRUESELF you are the SOUL-of-MAN (Solomon) the creator and the created you must rise within climb the ladder(spinal column) of your Jacob, the chakras are the spinning energy wheels within you and you must elevate through each level within yourself through your ANIMAL NATURE to your Crown SPIRITUALLY DIVINE Self, you must become the Heru,Hero,Savior,Messiah,God,Titan of the Vehicle/Vessel that you operate through on this physical plane which is Mudane, your purpose is to find yourself and become one with NATURE/UNIVERSE let all that Cosmic Magic ascend and become the Greatness your Crown Chakra draws in the Crowd of energy and gives you the expansion of Infinite power into the many dimensions that awaits you, you are the Darkness that must become the light of your world. PEACE LOVE and LIGHT my PEOPLE.

RED 1st Chakra: Base or Root Chakra: Kundalini: Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine. Earth, survival, grounding, stillness Contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of creation and remain the only cells in your body that do not change in your lifetime. It grounds us in the physical world.

ORANGE 2nd Chakra: Spleen: Located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity. Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

YELLOW 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexis: Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of personal power in the world. Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.

GREEN 4th Chakra: Heart Chakra: Blockage can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.  Heart Center – Seat of the Soul in the hourglass of time – Zero Point

BLUE 5th Chakra: Throat: Tied to creativity and communication. Feels pressure when you are not communicating your emotions properly.

INDIGO 6th Chakra: Third Eye Pineal Gland: Often connected to the forehead. Is a physical eye at the base of the brain with the capabilities of looking upward. Clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, dreaming

PURPLE 7th Chakra Crown: Connects you with message from higher realms. Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head. spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, God

The Cave of the brain and Mu-Ham-Maat

The Cave

This cave where Mohammed received his instructions is Abba Uddu, Akkadian name for Capricorn, literally meaning “Cave of Light”. Capricorn is cardinal Earth and stands for incarnation, which is also the reason why Catholics and Muslims drop to their knees, because Caballistically, the knees are ruled by Capricorn. The cave allegory therefore means that this information was supposed to have been received by a mortal man, an incarnated soul.

Secondly, in anatomy “the cave” also represents the Cave of Brahma in the 3rd Ventricle in the human skull, located below the Corpus Calossum (see image above). The Cave of Brahma houses the pineal gland, or third eye. The 3rd ventricle/ Cave of Brahma make up the 5th brain, is connected to the cerebral hemispheres of the Cerebrum and is critical to creating concepts and storing abstract concepts. So in order to understand Islam mysticism we need to activate our right brain hemisphere.


MU – Ham – Maat: literally “one pulled from dark waters to peace (Islam)”, which is the already mentioned reference to Cancer, where Jupiter, ruler of the Piscean age, exalts, also a reference to Andromeda, 2nd Decan of Pisces, ruled by the Moon, therefore visited by Jebril(Gabriel, Moon angel, “messenger”), Geb-Ra-El: GEB (Earth) RA (Sun) EL (deity)

Metaphysically, “Muhammad” is the last of the 7 Major Prophets, since these did NOT physically exist, but only expressed the idea of components of the physical body, each symbolizing one of our Major Chakras (Wheels of Lights / Colors), medically called Endocrine Glands.

Mohammad was already announced in the New Testament under John 14:16 as “comforter”, and Mohamed is indeed the “Last seal of the prophets”, because he represents the Crown Chakra, as explained in one of my previous posts. The “Prophet Muhammad” is mentioned by name only 4 times in the Qu`ran and obviously not of central importance to the metaphysical concepts.

The God of the Nile in Kamit (Egypt, Ta Meri) was called Hap or Hapi. As Hap flows through the northern part of the country. He is called”Hap Meht” meaning “Hap of the North”. The word for water in Kemet (Egypt / Ta Meri) is “Mu”. “Mu Hap Meht” is a title of Hap, meaning “waters” (Mu) of the “northern Nile” (Hap Meht).

Mu Hap Meht (waters of the Northern nile/Muhammad) brings Sarem (Islam) to the people, because it feeds them. When the river floods its banks, it used to create a tremendous lake about 600 miles long and 10-12 miles wide in certain areas. It appears logical that when Ra (Helios, “god”) sent MuHapMeht (Muhammed) into the country, MuHapMeht and Sarem (Muhammad and Islam) overran the country (with water). As Hap was sent at the end of the year, to start the beginning of a new year and new agricultural season, he was also seen in this respect as the “last messenger of God”. The waters are another Moon reference.

MuHapMeht or MuHamMaa’t is also found in Indo-Kush Sanskrit traditions as Maha-Atma(Great Soul of Truth), as in the title “Mahatma” Gandhi.

Mu Hap Maat has been used for thousands of years as title in Khemet, it later also became “Baphomet” as alleged Templar deity, which served as deliberate confusion of spiritually already confused people, by making a good thing appear as something evil.

To say that “Mohammed” is merely an allegory does not mean that there was no man of flesh by this name who played a role in creating the myth. According to Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit priest, who claimed to have received this information from Cardinal Bea in the Vatican, (St. )Augustine became Bishop in Algeria/ North Africa and was very effective in converting Arabs to Roman Catholicism, tutoring a man who later assumed the title “Mohammed” to play a key role in the new religion, while the Koran was written in Rome. It may be that Abu al-Qasim Ahmad Ibn Abd Allah Mustafa Ala-min Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim changed his name to the title “Muhammad” but the character remains an allegory and the metaphysical idea of Muhammed is best revealed through the anatomic mystery of the Chakra system.

We can conclude that Mohapmet is not a name, but a reference to the Nile river, used as mystic title..

The Kaaba


Before unified Islam-ism claimed the Kaaba as their sacred place of worship, this ancient Arabic shrine housed 360 idol statues, which represented the 360 degrees of the circle/ solar year.

In astrology the square form stands for sorrow (90 degree angles) and we remember that the Hebrew word “Alah” also means sorrow. The priest class loves to play with language, which is magical to the human brain. The black cube(compare modern times “Blackrock” Investments for example) is a crystal clear reference to planet Saturn, because the Star of Saturn (Star of Horus, later “Star of David”) is included in the cube (see above).

Muslims walk 7 times around the black cube counter-clockwise, which is called Circumambulation, and it follows the planets movement around the sun, which is also counter-clockwise (if you look from north pole). The 7 circles represent the 7-fold cycle of incarnation, which means “sorrow” for the soul, because it becomes unconscious during this process and gets a bad case of Amnesia, also for the 7 Elohim. The Ka – Ba are the Egyptian spirit & soul, the universal and individual learning vehicles of the universe creator, as Ka & Ba of Allah = Kaballah, lower and higher self, 7 active principles in nature, “time” ruled by Saturn, “doing time” means sorrow.

When the Qur’an refers to the ‘Qiblah,’, it is actually referring to the ‘Qaballah.’ Qaballah means to “Face Allah” or to undergo the initiation necessary to come “face to face with Allah.”, which, as we have learned is the RA – fire energy of Leo, where the decision to incarnate takes place in the divine zodiac wheel (“will of god”).

Saturn exalts in Libra (which stands for “law”, e.g. the law of incarnation) and Libra is ruled by Venus, which exalts during the Age of Pisces. This is how and why a Saturnian element was introduced into this Venus cult.

The Kaaba is a symbol for incarnation cycle/ life on earth in a physical body.

Soteriology and the Historical Struggle between the Monophysites and Dyophysites

The fights between the monophysites and dyophysites lasted for almost 1000 years, but to fully understand the nearly 1000 years of struggle between these two opposing groups and the eventual truce that led to the creation of “Abrahamic triad,” one has to study and expose the origin of soteriology. Soteriology is simply the study of soul salvation. In the Christian doctrine of the West, the theory of soul salvation is linked with vicarious atonement – the idea that your salvation depends on the death of Christ. However, in the Hindu-Cush mystery system of the East, the theory of soul salvation is linked with personal responsibility – that is, you’re solely responsible for your own salvation.

In the mystery system of the ancient Egypt Ausar (mispronounced Osiris) was the primary deity. According to the legend, Ausar was the invisible leader of the gods on earth, and the sole judge of the dead in the underworld. He was portrayed to have a single “nature” which was divine, but not human – this would become relevant later. Before the arrival of the Greeks in ancient Egypt, the cult of Ausar was undoubtedly the biggest in the land, or perhaps the biggest in the ancient world. However, at the arrival of the Greeks in ancient Egypt, the almighty cult of Ausar would forever change. The Greek leader of conquered Egypt, Ptolemy I Lagi (a.k.a Ptolemy I Soter) replaced the cult of Ausar with the newly created cult of Serapis. Serapis’ attributes were drawn from the preexisting indigenous cult of Ausar and the less popular cult of Apis bull, which when combined formed Serapis. Ptolemy I Lagi calculated that the creation of Serapis would ease tension of Greek invasion and unify the Africans and the Greeks in the country. Alas, his calculation paid off! The people in the country were unified under the cult of Serapis, and Ptolemy I Lagi became the first historical Savior (Soter in Greek) and the central figure of the Serapis cult (i.e., Serapis Soter) – the hellenization of ancient Egypt was complete.

Ptolemy I Lagi had long gone, but the cult of Serapis he created remained. The Greco reign in ancient Egypt lasted for almost 300 years until it was forcefully overthrown by the Romans. Though conquered by the Romans, the Egyptians spread their cult of Serapis and its derivatives like wild fire to Rome. It must be said that while the Romans conquered ancient Egypt militarily, the ancient Egyptians conquered Rome spiritually. When the aftershock of Serapis tsunami finally reached Rome, the indigenous pagan cult of Rome was swept into the dustbin of history. Roman elders, under Constantine, felt threatened under the invasion of a foreign cult. They quickly devised a control strategy which they found in dyophysitism. Dyophysitism is a theological doctrine that recognizes the dual nature of Christ, the divine and the human. At the council of Nicaea I, Constantine and the appointed Roman elders accepted Serapis as Christ the savior (i.e., Soter Christos), with dual nature of divine and man. Dyophysitism emerged after the council of Nicaea I, but the Coptic Egyptians who originally introduced the cult of Serapis to Rome utterly rejected dyophysitism because they only recognized the divine Osiris-like characteristics in Serapis, but could not recognize Serapis as human. These Coptic Egyptians who only recognized the divine nature of Serapis, now Christ, were known in history as Monophysites. The council of Nicaea I marked the beginning of a long struggle between the monophysites and the dyophysites.

In spite of the disagreements between the monophysites and the dyophysites about the nature of the created Christ, Christianity developed in the Roman Empire, where it became the official religion of the Empire. However, the disagreements divided Christianity and its central authority into two distinct units. The monophysites or the heretics, as they were mostly called, occupied the Eastern end of the Holy Roman Empire (i.e., Byzantine Empire – North East Africa and Constantinople) while the dyophysites occupied the Western end of the Holy Roman Empire. After a series of council meetings among the church patriarchs to resolve the nature of Christ and over 900 years of struggle between the monophysites and the dyophysites, monophysitism somehow evolved into a new spiritual philosophy called monism. Monism, perhaps of Sufi origin, is a spiritual doctrine that promotes the existence of one Supreme Being or substance, but denies the existence of duality in god or substance. The original followers of Monism were called Mahometans or Mohammedans. It is not really clear how monophysitism was absorbed into monism, but it is very clear that the two spiritual principles are very similar. The general consensus was that the absorption of monophysitism into monism started during the crusades when the Saracen and the Seljukian Turks, who appeared to practice some form of monism, invaded and took over the monophysitic North Eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire.

The eventual victory of the Turks over the Romans in the Eastern side of the Holy Roman Empire (i.e, Byzantine) prompted the Romans to move the seat of Christendom from the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople to St. Peter Basilica in the Vatican, Rome. This move marked the end of Christendom in the Eastern Holy Roman Empire and paved the way for the spread of monism or Mohammedanism – remember Mahometans or Mohammedans were followers of some form of monism. This move also marked the end of close to 1000 years of back and forth dialectics and fights between the monophysites and dyophysites. Christianity, in its dyophysitic form, became the religion of the West and Monism or Mohammedanism, in its monophysitic form, became the religion of the East. The Turks replaced the Byzantine Holy Roma Empire of the East with the Ottoman Empire they created.

Around 1040-1190 A.D, shortly after the fights between the monophysites and dyophysites had subsided, a Jewish baron by the name Solomon Bar Isaac called RASHI and the monophysite Knight Templars formulated Judaism based off Sefer Ha Yashar, the literature originally created by RASHI. However, it was Moses Ben Maimon called Maimonides who expanded on Sefer Ha Yashar literature and wrote the first five books of the Old Testament called the Pentateuch (i.e., the first 5 books of Moses 1168-1180 A.D). The Jewish barons of Europe, capitalizing on the spread of Christianity in the West and the invention of printing press, printed the Old Testament in 1475 A.D for the Christian community of Europe. The Pope (Alexander VI – 1492-1503),not satisfied with the silence about Jesus the Christ in the printed Old Testament, instructed Desiderius Erasmus, an ex-priest and playwright to create the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke), known as Novuum Testamentum or the New Testament. Almost 100 years later the fourth Gospel John was added in the King James Bible. Shortly before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the East (1870 A.D), a group of Jewish Scholars and Rabbi under the instruction of the monist Ottoman ruler (Abulaziz) formulated the Koran by combining the four Christian gospels and the Jewish Torah. With the formulation of the Koran, Islam was born naturally out of Mohammedanism and the creation of the Abrahamic triad (i.e., Christianity, Islam and Judaism) was complete.


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Light Code Secrets

FB_IMG_1549360126078.jpgAs Above So Below..


1) The secret of celestial and earthly bodies

Everything above in high heavens is the same as everything below here on earth

(as above so below). That is, all the celestial bodies are reproduced in miniature form in the earthly bodies. The celestial universe above comprises of trillions of stars and hundreds of trillions of planets. Similarly, human body comprises ofAs above so below trillions of cells and hundreds of trillions of atoms – the celestial sun and the nucleus of an atom are essentially the same. “Every star in the heavens, every element on earth, and every function in nature is represented by a corresponding center, pole, or activity within the human body.” (Manley P. Hall).

2) The secret of the “word”

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god.” The word is a sound frequency (the word=sound frequency), which when amplified can rearrange atoms and change the structure of matter. An experiment was once performed in which an empty glass cup was placed right in front of a loud speaker. As the loud speaker sound frequency was amplified, the empty glass cup started to vibrate violently into different shapes until it eventually shattered into pieces – such is the amplification power of the “word.” There are ancient myths involving the notion of plant growth being stimulated by music. In fact in the mid-1960’s, researchers at Canada’s University of Ottawa performed a series of experiments resulting in the discovery that sound at a specific frequency could stimulate the growth of plants. Thus, basic farm equipment of the future is recommended to have sound-generating equipment and loud-speakers (Michael Bradley “The Iceman Inheritance”)

3) The secret of “Two-Truth”

Our perception of reality in matter is formulated on universal polar or binary opposite. Everything that exists in matter does so with its polar opposite or perfect antithesis i.e. male/female, electricity/magnetism (electro-magnetism),0/1, black/white, good/evil, to do/not to do (free will), live/death, awake/asleep, open/close etc. Man is a condensation of Atum/Aten/Atom living in a “two-truth” virtual reality.

4) The secret of absolute

The secret of absolute is hidden in the secret of “two-truth.” That is, nothing is absolute. Everything in matter is relative. Your knowledge, experience or observation of a paricular reality is predicated on the existence of that reality’s polar or binary opposite. For example, when you’re extremely happy, someone else is extremely sad. And it is from the other person’s extreme sadness that you’re conscious of your own happiness. The wave-particle duality, in quantum mechanics, provides empirical support for this assumption.

5) The secret of matter

Does matter really exist? Yes, matter does exist. But it is our mind or thought that assigns dimension and form to matter. Without human mind, matter is formless.

6) The secret of mind

Human mind is the universal creator in the material world. Everything that is currently visible to our eyes was once an invisible idea in the mind of a man. And everything that is currently invisible to our eyes is already visible to the imaginative mind of a man. In other words, if you can imagine it, you can create it.

7) The secret of god, belief and faith

Man creates god in his own image and ascribes to god mankind characteristics i.e. corporeality, sex, emotion (pettiness, anger, love, jealousy etc.), wickedness, death, life, bigotry, discrimination, racism etc. The possibility of a higher power is undeniable; however, the highest power of all is nature. Nature does not display emotion, nature does not discriminate, and certainly nature does not die. The impact of nature is felt equally by all. Regardless of if you believe in nature or not, you deny nature, you deny your own existence. You deny air, water, sun, wind, storm, hurricane, earthquake etcetera; you deny your own existence. Man spiritualizes and breathes life to his creation through belief. Belief limits the mind to a circumference of awareness. And everything outside that circumference of awareness is beyond the reach of the mind. Hence beliefs limit the mind. Faith is nothing but a confident expectancy in something. Having very strong faith in something triggers the spirit of confident expectancy in the subconscious mind, which in turns sets in motion the fulfillment of desires.

The Cult of Serapis and the Pagan Origin of “Abrahamic Triad.”


The cult of Serapis was rooted in the Ancient Egyptian belief in the Divine father, Osiris (Ausar). Serapis was derived from the combination of two well-known Egyptian gods, Osiris and Apis (Osiris+Apis = Osirapis or Serapis). Technically, the cult of Osiris and Apis predated the Ptolemies (i.e., the Greek dynasty of ancient Egypt – 323-30 BC). But it was the Ptolemaic rulers who fused the two gods into one.

That is, before the creation of Serapis by the Ptolemaic dynasty (the Greeks) of Ancient Egypt, Osiris was the mythological god of the Nile valley who presided over the throne of judgment – The Pharaohs were regarded as the vicar of Osiris on earth. The Ptolemaic rulers, however, changed this traditional arrangement by creating a new god, Serapis, in the exact likeness of the father, Osiris. The only difference was that the Ptolemaic rulers elevated themselves to the status of god/Serapis, and demanded to be worshipped as FB_IMG_1549359225244.jpgFB_IMG_1549359229688.jpgsuch – a clear violation of the traditional arrangement in which man, regardless of status, can only be the vicar of god on earth, but not god himself. The traditional thought process was that god could only have one nature, which is divine, not human.

The Coptic community of Egypt (mostly Hellenized Africans) rejected the Ptolemaic ruler’s stance on being one and the same with the newly created father, Serapis. They refused to worship the Ptolemaic rulers as gods. The Ptolemy rulers responded by closing down all the ancient temples of Egypt and in some cases killing and exiling the African priests who opposed them.

The Romans took over the rule of Ancient Egypt from the Greeks (the Ptolemaic rulers) after the Greeks had ruled for nearly 300 years. And it was the Romans, more specifically Emperor Constantinewho Christianized Serapis, and made Serapis a creature with dual nature (human and divine). The Coptic Egyptians (Africans) and a handful of Turks and Arabs (hybrid of Turks, Greeks and Africans) in North and North East Africa (now Middle East) rejected the dual nature of Serapis just like their previous ancestors. They maintained that Serapis the father could only have one nature which was divine, not human.

All in all, Constantine was successful in making Serapis the Christ (I.e. Iesus Christos) – a creature with dual nature (human and divine). Constantine legacy divided the Roman Empire into two philosophical camps: the Eastern camp (North Africa, Middle East and Asia) and the Western camp (Western and Central Europe) – See the Crusade. The Eastern camp believed that the created Serapis only had one divine nature like the original father, Osiris, and refused to worship Serapis as the Christ with dual nature. However, the western camp accepted Serapis as the Christ, having dual nature – see theNicaea council I&II.

Today, the Western camp are the Christians (Dyophysites) and the Eastern camp are the Muslims (Monophysites) – see In other words, Muslims are Monophysite Christians. And Christians are worshippers of Serapis, now called Christ – who our ancestors refused to worship. But we in our ignorance continue to worship a creature dissimilar from the father, a creature nonetheless(Arius – see Arianism), and we continue to suffer in the world because of our ignorance. Wake up!


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Esoteric Knowledge of Santa Claus/Saint Claus…check it out people
Clastrum is oily substance within the cerebrum brain coming down the chimney from your skull down your the spinal cord..SANTA CLAUS brings his gifts when the Christ Mass is celebrated….CHRIST means oil the anointed one the oil in the brain…
Santa Claus, or Saint Claus, is derived from the same root word as “claustrum,” from which “cloister” is also derived. Claustrum means a barrier, a covered place, seclusion.
Cloister is referred to as a place of seclusion, and more especially as a place of seclusion for something holy, something dedicated to divinity.

There is a Saint Claus, or Claustrum within the cerebrum, and whoever gave it that name knew why they did so.
The suture of the skull is the point where the bones meet. We can very easily see this place on the head of infants, as the sections are not then drawn closely together, and the vibrations of the brain can be both seen and felt.

In Sanscrit this is called “The Door of Brahm,” for it is the apperture through which the Ego, or Spirit leaves the body. It is also the chimney of Santa Claus.
The vertebrae as a whole is called the “stick of Brahm.”
Directly underneath the “door of Brahm” is a triangular shaped body named in physiology the “Island of Reil.” This is the place where “John” was when “he” looked back and saw the wonderful vision of the regenerated man in the “Isle of Patmos” This island is the central lobe of the cerebrum, and is also called the Pole;hence, the Island of Reil is the North Pole of the body, and is, as we well know, the imperishable, sacred land.
In Santee’s anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, we find that this island is “situated in the medial wall of the lateral fissure of the cerebrum, between the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes, whose growth, after the fifth month in utero, gradually covers it over. At the end of the first year of extrauterine life, it is entirely concealed by temporal, parietal and frontal parts of the operculum” cover or lid. Thus we see that Mother Nature has taken great pains to conceal this sacred center.
Underneath this island, and directly in a line with the Optic Thalamus lies the Claustrum, but separated from it by yet three other bodies.
The claustrum is a thin sheet of isolated gray matter, found just medial to the Island of Reil. Santee says it “is a sheet of peculiar gray substance, and is made up of fusiform (spindle shaped) cell-bodies.” It is from this claustrum that contains yellow substance within its outer grayish exterior, that the wonderful, priceless OIL is formed that flows down into the olivary fasciculus, “descending with the rubrospinal tract through the reticular formation in the pons and medulla to the lateral column of the spinal cord. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord, probably giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem.” Santee. This is the OIL, the precious gift of which the Bible speaks, “Thou anointest my head with oil.”

And not only is there oil manufactured within this special laboratory of the brain, but there is actually an olive tree, which bears actual olives so named in any anatomy. The two olives are two infinitesimal eminences on either side of the medulla, with the Pyramid between.

They are one-half inch in length. It is found well developed only in the higher mammals. They are RELAY (Santee) stations between the cerebrum and the cerebellum and between the spinal cord and the cerebellum.

This oil is the most sacred substance in the body it is the quintessence of gold the “Gold of Ophir” most truly a rare gift. Globules of oil are found in the vital fluid, the semen, and when the prodigal son has wasted his substance, he finds that it takes a long time to replace the deficiency and make good the looted bank account.
This wonderful oil is the secret work of the immaculate Virgin, Mary (or Mare) “represented by the sign Virgo.
In chemistry we find that sulphate of potassium is the mineral salt, which, uniting with sulphur and oxygen, manufactures the oil. We find that this salt also crystallizes out from the mother-liquors of sea water and salt springs. People born under the sign Virgo, if they have become deficient in this salt suffer from dryness of the skin, and baldness. We can also understand why draining of the vital fluid -living in excesses, will also produce baldness. If there were no oil in the body, the skin would become harsh and dry.

The story of the wise virgins who had their lamps trimmed and filled with oil is given to emphasize the necessity for the presence of oil in the body, for they cannot go out to meet the “bridegroom” unless their lamps are burning. “The lamb is the lamp thereof.”

The olives, which contain the oil, are the reservoirs the relay stations, of course, which furnish the oil for the
lamp, the pineal gland, at the top of which is the flame or eye. When the Kundalini, the serpent fire that lies concealed within the sacral plexus is awakened, burns up the dross within the spinal cord, and reaches the conarium, it sets fire to this oil and thus lights the “perpetual lamp,” which “Gives the light to the whole house.”
Santa Claus is thus the giver of the supreme gift in the human body, the oil for the perpetual lamp the gold of Ophir, the quintessence of richness.
A total lack of oil in the body will, in itself, cause death.

The 12 Cranial Nerves are the 12 Disciples and also the 24 Elders when they are DOUBLED..The Pineal is the Father the THRONE..

The Pineal Gland ( THE THRONE) THE LIGHT OF THE BODY….12 cranial nerves are doubled so that makes 24 nerves which equals to 24 elders surrounding the throne the (Pineal gland)
24 Kings (Authority/Rule) 12 Disciples, 12 CRANIAL NERVES = 24 KINGS. 
The TWELVE DISCIPLES – are pictures of OUR ENTIRE THOUGHT process. Our ENTIRE body, soul, and mind needs to follow the TRUTH WITHIN. And in the REVELATION of Jesus Christ to John, we SEE, these Nerves represented as KINGS bowing down and subjecting themselves to GOD.

CRANIAL NERVE: Major Functions:
I Olfactory smell
II Optic vision
III Oculomotor eyelid and eyeball movement
IV Trochlear innervates superior oblique turns eye downward and laterally
V Trigeminal chewing, face & mouth touch & pain
VI Abducens turns eye laterally
VII Facial controls most facial expressions, secretion of tears & saliva taste
VIII Vestibulocochlear(auditory) hearing, equillibrium, sensation
IX Glossopharyngeal taste, senses, carotid blood pressure
X Vagus senses, aortic blood pressure, slows heart rate, stimulates digestive organs taste
XI Spinal Accessory controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid

controls swallowing movements
XII Hypoglossal controls tongue movements

DISCIPLES: In Greek, the word translates as LEARNER, PUPIL. But when you go to the word origin it reveals even more… “To increase ones knowledge, to be increased in knowledge, to hear, to be informed, to learn by USE and HABIT and PRACTICE”
The BRAIN….follow along with me….The THRONE….KRST= THE ANOINTED ONE…
1 Kings 10:18-20 Then the king made a great throne covered with ivory and overlaid with fine gold. The throne had six steps, and the top of the throne was round behind: and there were stays on either side on the place of the seat, and two lions stood beside the stays. And twelve lions stood there on the one side and on the other upon the six steps: there was not the like made in any kingdom. 
LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT OUR BRAIN: Neuroanatomists usually consider the brain to consist of six main regions: the telencephalon(cerebral hemispheres),diencephalon (thalamus and hypothalamus), mesencephalon(midbrain), cerebellum, pons, andmedulla oblongata. – The SIX STEPS to the THRONE – Right there, the six major regions of the brain, not to mention the six major neurotransmitters… But let’s move on, and consider the further description of this THRONE. …and the top of the throne was round behind< It’s pretty obvious how round the BRAIN is, top, and behind. 
But where it gets more interesting is the description of the TWELVE LIONS standing on ONE SIDE and the OTHER.These my friends are the TWELVES PAIRS OF CRANIAL nerves, WHICH stand on both side of the BRAIN. Which make us the 24 KINGS sitting around the THRONE OF GOD. (Which should be obvious by now, is our BRAIN)< Now look, the reason understanding this is important is because you begin to understand that GOD is actually WITHIN YOU, and that God is not OUTSIDE of you far away, waiting to condemn or reward you for your life. In actuality, God is your LIFE, for everything exists in CHRIST (God’s anointing of spirit of truth) – this is why we are told again and again…Karast, Christ,Kristos, Christos is the (KRST)

The Pineal Gland is the HOUSE OF GOD the Seat of the Soul….
1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment MUST begin at the house of God: 

Revelation 4:4 Surrounding the throne were twenty four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty four elders. They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads.


This ancient, profound and mysterious Kushite-Kemetic symbol, with distinct African features, is 240 feet long and 66 feet high, with a shoulder span of 38 feet. With multiple interpretations and translated as “Heru of the Horizon,” (or so-called Sphinx), it is flanked in the background by other “Horizons,” Akhets or “Pyramids” of great Kemetic (Egyptian) Kings, i.e., Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura. According to a recent interpretation, based upon ancient sacred writings or “Pyramid Texts,” (circa, 3,200 b.ce.), it was believed that these great kings, upon “death,” would be reborn as stars, to rise over the eastern horizon. (Ref: Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert,, 1994.) However, as African builders or geniuses in an unprecedented, wholisitc-spiritual, “Old Kingdom” civilization, these great kings were “stars” already in the mundane-sensory world, even before their putative birth as “stars” on the eastern horizon. (Of course, we will not find them etched in stone or concrete on any sidewalk in Hollywood).

Additionally, this mysteriously enduring structure may be interpreted as symbolic of the apparent or relatively superficial or short-term “dual” nature of generic man during his spiritual journey in this mundane world. Therefore, the lower body, the lion, reflects the lower or beastly nature of man, while the head, the Divine-King, reveals his spiritual faculties–his Heru (hero) or inner Divine Self (or Christ-Self in a modern Christian context) that, metaphorically, should transcend his lower beastly nature, perceiving-moving towards greater-higher levels of LIFE. In essence, we are challenged to be wholistic, spiritually oriented-“centered” people (not to be confused with being “religious”), metaphorically, to look beyond the horizon of sensory sight–“For we walk by faith (spiritual insight-intuition-revelation), not by sight (physical-sensory-mundane). (II Corinthians 5:7). Therefore, we are spiritually mandated to build the Kingdom of God, “on earth, as in heaven.” Bottom line: Like our great African ancestors, we must become heroes or earthly “stars” before we can become heavenly “stars.” Amen!

Heru the Krst (Christ)

The word Christ is derived from KRST in ancient Kemet, which means anointed mummy. Many will say that it meant something different when referring to the Jesus figure. The term was first seen referring to Asur(Osiris) in the pyramid. Therefore, to clarify a little what I am saying, the KRST was a word used thousands of years before the Jesus concept to mean the karasing or anointing of a body dead or alive by the ancient Egyptians. Karasing or anointing the body meant to embalm, pour ointment on the body and wrap white cloth around it or make a mummy of the dead body. Mummies were not prepared to make the physical body rise again, but the preparation for the soul to resurrect in its glorified Spiritual body. 
Karast is a person who is anointed as a Heru (Hero) during their lifetime,when they are deceased they receive a great honor as a KRST or AUSAR (Osiris).
(Heru)= Hero-Horus-Heracles (Hercules) Heracles, Hercules, Hero, Christ, and Messiah are also titles directly derived from the word HERU which is of African origin. 
The Greek title Christ, is derived frm the Egypto-African word KARAST. KRISTOS or CHRISTOS is the KRST (KARAST).